1. Rhizomatic Repair(2023)

  2. Trash & Treasure(2023)

  3. Exchange Rate(2023)

  4. Veriditas(2021)

  5. Night Blindness(2021)

  6. Twin Origin(2022)

  7. Breath Type(2021)

  8. Dead Reckoning(2018)

  9. LAND LAND(2017-present)

  10. Lifespan Of A Memory(2019)

  11. Resting Eye Monument(2016)

  12. Charcoal Gestures(2020)

  13. Because I Was Standing(2017)

  14. Continuous Connected(2016)
  15. LOVECITYLOVE(2013-2016)

  16. Things People Say


Jessa Carta is an omnidisciplinary artist and creative project consultant. She is compelled towards rhizomatic frameworks, pattern literacy and the healing power of ritual containers. Jessa is attuned to the ineffable wiggliness of nature and its harmonious systems/structures in equal measure.

Jessa’s work tracks the leading lines of value, identity and performativity and plays host and witness to the cycles of life <> death <> life present in our ecosystems and egosystems.

Jessa is a deep empath who opens herself to the collective unconscious and vows to give it expression. Her fierce belief in understanding and respecting authentic truths has led her down a path of seismic connections. What she creates has been described as possessing“a rare mythic perspective”, “assertions of feminine power” and Jessa herself has been referred to as “an underworld intermediary”.

Jessa is currently the prime mover of arts-based research project LAND LAND. Jessa is a founding member of the Seattle-based experimental collective LOVECITYLOVE - a diverse, accessible, and inclusive secular art church. Her education and research has included  certifications as a natural builder, regenerative earth steward and solidarity economist. 

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*Jessa’s patrilineal last name is Carter which means messenger, mail carrier or a person who carts goods. In a move towards fewer belongings and more belonging, less doing and more being, Carta replaces “the messenger” for the message itself from the Latin “paper” “map”.

Trash & Treasure


P5js & Max final project for The Musical Web, School For Poetic Computation

Trash & Treasure is a lightly satyrical, hopefully sensual, interactive web-based sound and image collage that was born of observation, rumination, “chance” encounters, half memories, unmet desires and a trail of bread crumbs. It’s a little industrial, a little folk myth, a little of the earth, ether, and underworld and very much allegorical. It started with an intent to make something that could engage the senses while on/in screens, to pique curiosity, to incite a slowing down and grounding into the pre/post-human world via a digital space and possibly even coax a haptic, tactile, analog feeling. It ended up becoming an open door where there was previously a dead end (for me anyway). Releasing sound work on the internet has felt largely unappealing, rote and restrictive. As rudimentary as this project is, it functions as a means of releasing music and sound work that is still within the body it came from, within the world of my practice instead of a severed fragment of my practice adrift inside of structures that weren’t built with it’s multidimensionality in mind.

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